Password policy enforcement for Java

Passay builds on the success of vt-password and provides a comprehensive and extensible feature set.

Password validation

Enforce password policy by validating candidate passwords against a configurable rule set. Passay provides a comprehensive set of rules for common cases and supports extension through a simple rule interface.

Password generation

Generate passwords using a configurable rule set. The password generator is extensible like all Passay components.

Command line tools

Automate password policy enforcement and support tooling scenarios using the command line interface.


Passay artifacts are available in Maven Central. If you would like to use this project in your maven build, include the following in your pom.xml:



Passay is the descendant of the venerable vt-password Java library produced by the Middleware group at Virginia Tech. Passay builds on the lessons learned from vt-password, which was well-regarded in its own right. Passay is more convenient, more extensible, and ready for internationalization.