Package org.passay

Class PropertiesMessageResolver

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    public class PropertiesMessageResolver
    extends AbstractMessageResolver
    Resolves messages from rule result details from a properties file. The default properties file is loaded from the classpath, see DEFAULT_MESSAGE_PATH.
    Middleware Services
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        public static final String DEFAULT_MESSAGE_PATH
        Classpath location of default message map.
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      • PropertiesMessageResolver

        public PropertiesMessageResolver()
        Creates a new message resolver with the default message properties. See getDefaultProperties().
      • PropertiesMessageResolver

        public PropertiesMessageResolver​(Properties properties)
        Creates a new message resolver with the supplied message properties.
        properties - map of keys to messages.
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      • getDefaultProperties

        public static Properties getDefaultProperties()
        Returns the default mapping of message keys to message strings.
        default message mapping.